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Okay, there is no easy way to say this, but unfortunately, I'm not currently running a full-time photography business. 

"What a way to sell yourself."


Hands up! I'm still and always will be learning. I'm an IT Consultant and do photography in my 'rare' spare time, but who doesn't LOVE a good photo?


Photography for your business?


Photography for businesses has become more crucial than ever. You could argue that large and well-established companies have been doing this for years, and that is true, but for small or new businesses, the world's way is forcing them to become more innovative. Having a good image over a bad one could be the difference between surviving or struggling to stay in business.


In a digital world, those images will grab the attention of your potential customers. Images are powerful, and if you are anything like me, scanning many sites, I always find myself trying to convince myself why I do not need to buy something, and that is before I've taken the time to read the details. Most company websites have the best product photographers, and for me, that is what sells a product, not the description. I am convinced that a good image can be a make-or-break scenario for online retailers. I can confidently say that I would be more likely to purchase an inferior product photographed well than a great product photographed poorly. I think online shoppers, on a subconscious level, are making similar judgments.


Event Photography?

Is your organisation running an event, such as a conference or celebration? Maybe you organise open days or festivals? Or simply a family wanting to capture precious moments together!

The word 'event' always implies formality, such as in traditional wedding photography. That's just not me.

My preferred approach is to capture memories as they happen. Casual, natural photographs tell a great story. Natural, candid photography captures raw and real emotions and tells a tale like no other art form. So, if you need somebody to help tell your story, get in touch.

Many words don't always answer your questions, but if you feel I can help, contact me and let us work it out together.


You can contact me here

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